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Local gastronomy

Portuguese food is one of the most pleasant surprises for tourists visiting our country.

With a vast coastline, seafood plays a major part in Portuguese cuisine and the quality of our seafood and freshly caught grilled fish is beyond compare. Why not try one of the mainstays of our cuisine, bacalhau, dried and salted cod from the far-reaches of the Atlantic? And to round off your meal, don't miss one of our delicious desserts, made according to the ancient recipes of monks and nuns.

Our wines are of exceptional quality too. Our Port wines are already world famous, whilst our table wines are one of the best-kept secrets in Portugal. So we suggest you raise a glass to celebrate your stay and accompany it with a splendid Portuguese landscape. You will never forget it!

Gastronomy in Minho
The rich lands of the green north boast a strong gastronomic heritage. Enjoy some fine dining in the Minho.

Caldo Verde soup - a mix of shredded cabbage, potato, garlic, onion and olive oil - is the great contribution of the Minho to national cuisine. Either as a starter or as a light meal (particularly in the early hours of the morning), try a bowl served with slices of good smoked ‘chouriço' sausage or ‘salpicão' jerky and corn bread.

This is the land of Vinho Verde. Unique to Portugal, it is a fresh, slightly sparkling wine ideal as an aperitif. When it comes to fish, dishes based on lamprey and shad rival the cod, ‘bacalhau', for the place of honour on the Minho's dining table. That said however, in many ways ‘bacalhau' grabs the limelight with recipes such as ‘à Gil Eanes' now rightly famous. Trout ‘à minhota' with smoked ham is another must.

As for meat, a much-loved dish is ‘sarrabulho', which begins its cooking process as boiled pig's blood before blending with rice and much more. There are also the crackling pork ‘rojões' and leg of pork à Clara Penha. These standard bearers all come to the fore at Christmas, the traditional time for slaughtering pigs. And make room for the local version of the ‘cozido' meat stew; ‘Serra' or Hill goat; and the ‘Cabra Nova' young goat ‘caldeirada' potato stew, traditional to Gerês.

Meanwhile, to make sure the wait between delicious meals isn't too hard to bear, snack on a plate of Castro Laboreiro smoked ham or some handmade smoked sausages.

Hereby some delicious Northern Portuguese regional dishes:

  • Caldo verde (cale and spicy sausage soup)
  • Bacalhau (dried salt cod fish)
  • Feijoada à transmontana (bean stew)
  • Trout
  • Rabanadas, papos-de-anjo, barrigas-de-freiras (sweetmeats)
  • Wines: Vinho Verde, Port wine, wines from Douro region and Trás-os-montes