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How to book a holiday home?
All FINE Renting  holiday homes and apartments can be booked online. You can check availability and book online via the designated link which is located in each property description.

You must read and accept our terms of travel before completing the booking. Payment is banking transfer.
Upon completion of an online booking you can print out your travel registration. You will also receive a short email confirming your online reservation.

The travel agreement takes effect with the written booking confirmation that we send you within the next few days by email.

You can of course also book by sending us a fax, email or letter.

You will need to state the name, address, phone number, code of the desired property, the exact period of time.
You must read and accept our terms of travel before completing the booking

Can I check online if my selected holiday accommodation is free on the requested date?
You will find the link for checking availability in the description of the respective holiday property. However only with our final confirmation we will confirm if property is available or not.

How can I book a holiday home / apartment with FINE Renting ?
All FINE Renting holiday homes and apartments can be booked online. You can check availability and book online via the designated link .

You can of course also book by fax, email or post. You will need to state the name, address, phone number and code of your selected property, the exact period of time.

Are there also holiday properties that can be booked by the day?
Yes, you can also book by the day on special campaigns or periods. Please check on property details file for specific information. Please however note the minimum rental period (information in the price tables).

What does it mean if a property is "availability unknown "?
"Availability Unknown" means that the property cannot be booked directly but has to be requested from the landlord.
Requests are always binding.
Please send us a fax or an E-mail. You will normally receive a reply within 3 working days

What does "linen" mean?
Linen includes bed linen and towels (can not be used for poll or beach purpose). The number and size of the towels can vary depending. Tea towels are sometimes provided by the landlord, however we generally advise you to bring your own.
Pool or beach towels are not provide, please bring your own towels.

Do babies and young children count as people?
Children with 5 or more years old are considered full-paying people in the apartments/holiday homes. If additional charges are listed in the text, these will also apply in full to young children

The property file does not mention anything about final cleaning costs. How much can we expect to pay for this?
If the costs of final cleaning are not listed in the property file (additional on-site costs), they are included in the holiday price.

What do the extra charges include?
For many properties, extra charges are broken down into costs for electricity, water, gas and heating, for example, and are paid on a consumption basis at the end of the holiday. In many cases, however, additional costs are estimated per property per week. These may include: electricity, water, gas, cleaning costs or linen.

Is there a fridge and crockery in the holiday apartment?
A fridge and crockery are usually provided in every property as standard. That is why they are not explicitly mentioned.
However for some Bed & Breakfast properties accommodation may not include fridge and crockery as standard equipment. Please see details on property's file.

We have specific questions about the holiday property. Whom can we contact?
FINE Renting has a supervisor responsible for a certain region and knows the area as well. She/he is in constant contact with the contractual partner and has, in many cases, visited the houses in her/his area in person.
When you contact us please give the code of the property and expose your enquiry questions. If the supervisor cannot answer your question immediately, he/she will ask the contractual partner.

We would like to take our pets with us. Is that possible?
As a rule, no pets are allowed in property for hygienic purposes. In exceptional situations we can, however, ask the owner if you may bring a pet. Please send us a email or a letter stating the type, size of pet. We will be happy to forward your enquiry to the owner.

We would like one more person to stay in the property than stated in the property file. Is that possible?
As a rule this is not possible because the holiday properties are only equipped for the number of people stated (beds, crockery etc.).
Properties that specify an extra bed are exceptions to this rule. This must, however, be ordered at the time of booking (and in some cases also expressly confirmed).
If you arrive with more people than the holiday home you have booked is intended to accommodate without first asking, the owner has the right to deny you access.
In exceptional cases (e.g. if it is a baby or a young child) we can ask the owner about accommodating another person. The owner may, however, charge for this.

Is it possible to find out the address of the holiday property months in advance?
The address will be sent to you together with the travel documents upon receipt of payment and up to 15 days before your arrival at the earliest. Unfortunately it is not possible to release the address any earlier.
If you have any specific questions for the owner we will be glad to forward them to him.

We have a particular request with regard to the accommodation. Can we notify the owner of this?
We will be happy to forward your requests to our contractual partners. However, customer requests such as the location of an apartment are always unbinding and cannot be guaranteed.

The registered person under whose name the booking was made can no longer travel. Does the name have to be changed and how much does this cost?
Yes, the name must be changed. The fee for changing the name is €10

We would like to change our booking to another property. How much does this cost?
It is not possible to change the booking as such, you can only cancel and rebook.
The valid cancellation fees usually apply (see holiday conditions).
If it was possible to rent the property to someone else for the same period, the cancellation fee is reduced to 10% in the case of a 50% - or 80% - cancellation.
We will automatically send you a definitive cancellation confirmation.
If it was not possible to rent to someone else, you will receive a definitive cancellation confirmation upon expiry of the cancelled holiday period on request

How far in advance can I make a pre-booking and how do I go about it?
You can only make a pre-booking for one year in advance. We require a fax, letter or an E-mail stating the property, the period to be booked, your name and your address.
Pre-bookings are always unbinding. You will receive a final booking confirmation which you may cancel free of charge within 14 days